Start on Monday, Sleep Better by Sunday

Hey, I see you. . .

Scrolling in the middle of the night

Feeling worn down and exhausted

Wishing you could just have some time back in the evenings with your partner

Curious about sleep training. . . (but what about crying? Where should you start?)

Sound like you?


You CAN Transform Your Baby's Sleep

I’ve worked with parents like you for years, transforming their baby’s sleep AND their lives

- and -

I’ve been in your exact place.

Let me assure you. . .

You CAN balance your entire family’s sleep needs, without giving up attachment with your baby.

You CAN sleep train your baby and still be a good parent. 

You CAN sleep train your baby with intention and love.

And guess what?

You CAN create balance for YOU and your whole family, including your baby so you ALL thrive.


"I feel human again!
My baby has slept through the night every night since we sleep trained.

And I get to sleep in the same room as my husband again! Thank you!"

Being the Parent You Want to Be

"I feel wonderful when I wake up in the morning because I'm getting solid sleep.


I'm laughing with him- not just going through the motions.

And I think he is feeding off that. That's a huge gift! I'm really enjoying being a mom."

Thriving as a family

I am blown away at how much better our whole family is sleeping.

My husband is sleeping in bed again after over a year of sleeping in our guest room!

Start on Monday, Sleep Better by Sunday

Individualized for Your Baby.  Structured for Quick Results


Within a week you can. . .

Wake Up Refreshed

You were up how many times last night?  How early this morning?

No more tiny bits of sleep leaving you navigating the fog of sleeplessness

Back to longer, more predictable stretches of sleep.

Yes, sleeping through the night CAN be possible, too.

Reclaim Your Evenings

I know what's happened. . . bedtime takes forever, or you just go to bed when your baby goes to bed. 

You feel disconnected from your partner/s, and just want some time to yourself, with your older child, with your partner/s.

Yes, you get to have your time back.

Understand Your Baby

You know your baby best, but all this baby sleep stuff is confusing. Should naps be closer, or further apart? Is bedtime too early, or too late?

You need to know what applies to YOUR baby.

Yes, you can better understand your baby's  sleep communication

The 3 Areas Parents Struggle the Most 

After years of working in family's homes to help them get more sleep, I've noticed 3 KEY ways that parents struggle in sleep training their baby.

1) They don't have a solid plan

2) They are emotionally unprepared- not just for crying- but for the unexpected feelings that come up

3) They lack enough information to navigate decision making

I even interviewed parents who shared that only 19% found Ferber (timed checks) or CIO appealing as a method, but almost 60% ended up using Ferber or CIO anyway.

Their complaints? The SAME 3 challenges: They needed more preparation, more clarity, and more support

SO, I Created the Solution


7 Day Sleep Training

7 Days to 

Better Nights

A program that keeps YOU in mind

Crafted for YOU

Designed  to walk you step by step through creating a safe and effective plan, all while keeping both you and your baby's well being in mind. 

Crafted For Your Baby

Your baby is unique.

Your baby deserves a plan and approach fine-tuned to their individual needs.

We help you meet your baby's needs

I'll be teaching this program LIVE, ONE TIME ONLY 

Program Starts February 15th, 2021

Spots Filled


-John's mom

I was way more exhausted than I even realized, but so scared from trying to sleep train on my own. I didn’t want my little one to be scared and hungry all night or for it to be an emotionally traumatizing experience for him or for me. Tiffany was so supportive and understanding of our family and our needs. We set goals and met ALL of them.

Designed For Parents Wanting More than Timed Checks 

Here's How it Works

For ONE TIME ONLY I am leading this program LIVE with a small group of parents


Before You Start

5 Steps to Implement before we even start!

From day one you'll make slight changes to help ease your baby into the larger sleep plan

During The Week

Create a thoughtful and personalized plan

Each day you will focus on a specific part of creating your baby's sleep plan and preparing for sleep training with short videos and easy to follow action steps.

On The Weekend 5-7

Implement your plan

On night 5 you'll put your plan into place with confidence and easy to follow guidance. 

Days 6 and 7 you'll help your baby practice their new skills and celebrate easily reachable goals

Here's What You Get

Grab your spot, seats are limited 7 Day Sleep Training

This 7 Day program is split into short daily videos, that I will be teaching LIVE for this group only.

I'll walk you through small action steps you can take each day to guide your baby into better sleep. 

During the first 4 days we will create your individualized plan for your baby and make sure you have all the preparation you need for success.

On the last 3 days and nights you'll implement your plan and celebrate your baby's improvements.

Regular Program Investment $997

Register by Feb 12th $297


START DATE: February 15th, 2021- LIVE SUPPORT


BONUS: Limited Spots Available


BONUS: I'm teaching this live! This Class ONLY


BONUS: 2 Weeks of Group Support via PRIVATE FB GROUP


Together Valued at $2500


You missed out!

There's a Good Chance You're Thinking:

I want to sleep train my baby but I'm worried about crying.

No one wants to hear their baby cry. The truth is, crying is communication.
I focus on showing what your baby's sleep communication is saying and how to use that to navigate decision making.

And we intentionally approach sleep training to limit the amount of crying over the long term. 

I know it’s best for everyone in the family. . . but I don't want to do it alone

Unlike other sleep training methods, 7 Day Sleep Training prepares you and also focuses on your mental and emotional well being.

I've designed this course based on my in-home support of parents who want the knowledge of a trusted professional on their side so that you can have that support and knowledge available to you.

I'm scared that no matter what I try nothing will work.

Change is scary, especially when there's an unknown.

I've integrated simple ways for you to set realistic and measurable goals, specific to your baby. By closely following the plans I help you build, very baby will improve their sleep.

I've tried crying it out and threw in the towel the first night.

We hear this sooo often from parents who only got the plan of "go check in 5 minutes." 

The truth is sleep training is more than just timed checks. I've filled in the gaps left by books so you know how to push through the challenges, when to step back, and when to change course.

Want MORE Details?


Here's What You Learn Each Day


Create a Safe and Optimal Environment

Safety First! Ensure your baby's environment is safe and optimized for sound sleep.


Day 1: Imagine What Will Change

Create your “bird’s eye view” of your baby’s sleep plan, and set your goals. Do you want to "drop a feed?" Do you want shorter bedtime? Do you want it ALL?!  


Day 2: Build A Plan That Works

Time to take your goals and use them to craft the foundations of your baby's sleep plan. You'll learn about different levels of parent interventions so you can understand the approach before implementing.


Day 3: Set Your Mind Right 

With all new growth comes great change, and with change comes resistance. You’ll be working through any internal resistance to the changes that are happening  so you can have a clear mind and confidently stay the course while supporting your baby through any challenges that arise during sleep training, while also practicing the art of celebrating your baby’s accomplishments


Day 4:Learn the ins and outs

Learn the nuts and bolts of baby sleep and build them into your sleep plan so you’re ready to  adapt as your baby’s sleep changes.


Day 5: Putting it all together

You’ve prepared, you’ve planned, you’ve learned - It’s time to put the plan into action.

Tonight will be your first night of sleep training, gather your plans, goals, and celebration sheet so you’re ready to go!


Days 6-7: See the Transformation

Practice, Practice, Practice. . . leads to great change. 

These last 2 days are where you really see all that your baby is capable of! It's time to focus on the celebrations of progress and see how your life has transformed in just a few days.

Evergreen Course


Coming Soon


  • Pre-recorded Course
  • Library of Resources
  • 60 Day Access to course and library
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Want  to work with me privately? 


$ 5,500

  • Contact me directly

About Tiffany (me)

If you've talked with me you know that my oldest son woke up every 45 minutes when he was 9 months old. I was so sleep deprived that I have memory loss from that time period.

On top of that, he didn't nap longer than 10 minutes unless he was on me, and didn't sleep through the night until he was 18 months old (the same weekend I found out I was pregnant with my youngest!)

10 years of working with families and their babies in a variety of ways has affirmed the most common thread of need: SLEEP.

These are My Values:

  • Sleep (and sleep training) is healing
  • Parenting is hard - YOU are doing a great job
  • Crying is communication
  • We are here to help each other thrive in life, whether that be your baby, your neighbor, yourself. 
  • There is no place for judgement around your sleep training choices, if this course isn't for you, I 100% support you finding something that fits for you. 

I'm so looking forward to supporting you through this opportunity of making positive change for your life. My favorite part of this work is seeing parents get to binge their favorite shows in the evening, get some time alone (or together) , and move from  barely surviving to thriving.


Starry Nights,


What Are You Waiting For? Let’s  Get Some Sleep!